Food Bank

Every 3rd Saturday of a month, 9:30 - 11 a.m.

You need to register before you come to get food.

 FPC has provided groceries to the hungry since 1971, when  the program began as a cupboard through which food was delivered to the needy.  Today, more than 40 families,  mostly from the Plainfield area, pick up food on the third  Saturday of each month. The Food Bank is stocked by FPC  congregants; the November Scouting for Food Drive in  Fanwood and Scotch Plains; and the May food drive conducted by Fanwood postal workers.  We receive food donations every Sunday in worship and during office hours.  Please contact for more information.  





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Scouting Food Drive- Thank you for providing food to the scouts the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  And thanks to the scouts for filling our shelves with food that goes to hungry families in Plainfield.   Contact our church administrator if you would like to help sort food on Saturday.

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