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Worship is the foundation of our living into God's Mission of "Rejoicing, Renewing and Reaching out."  

All three R's find a deeper place in our lives as we practice them in worship through:


  • Entering God's presence and after a call to worship, singing a joyful hymn of praise.  

  • Acknowledging the remnants of the old life and self and letting them die on the cross through the call to and prayer of confession. This gives space for the new life to rise up. (Renewal)

  • Rising up through God's declaration of forgiveness and the singing of "Gloria!"  

  • Joyfully Reaching Out to our neighbor for the sake of renewed relationships as we forgive one another and share the peace of Christ.  

  • Hearing God's good news. 

  • Responding through gladly offering our prayers, gifts and selves to God. 

  • Reaching out to the world as we are sent out as apostles.

Traditional Worship: Ministries

We have "indoor & in person" worship in the Sanctuary.

We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

Please enter via the parking lot entry way.  

You can still enjoy the Livestream from the comfort of your home every Sunday

 via our Facebook page

 on our Fanwood Presbyterian Church Youtube Channel 


Notice how the gifts of the Spirit were coming to life in everyone at the church in Corinth.  The same can be said at FPC on Sunday mornings when everyone is given a chance to sing, speak, pray, play and, in general, live out of the Spirit of God deep within them.  Learn more through the links above:

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