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"Each of you should be concerned not only about your own interests,

but about the interests of others as well." Philippians 2:4

Copy of Copy of Rebuild from Disaster, Feed the Hungry, Shelter the Refugee (6 × 4 in) (In

All are encouraged to raise money to help and, in some cases, save refugees, the hungry and those suffering from natural disasters.  Here is a link to support our church:  '2023 CROP Hunger Walk'  Send your network a link to you electronic giving page and see how giving your friends, family and acquaintances undoubtedly are.  FPC raised over half of the community's $8,000 raised, $2,000 of which is coming back to local food banks.


A few weeks ago, I wondered in the middle of a sermon what we, as a church, might do in response to the growing frequency and severity of natural disasters and the growing number of displaced because of it (and war). The next morning, I received an e-mail from Church World Service about supporting their work in this regard. I next remembered that I had pressed the ministerium to continue to sponsor the Crop Walk at our meeting and that Church World Service received the money raised by CROP. Thanks for providing such a quick answer to my question, God of Life! While some of this year’s money raised by Crop will go to disaster relief in South Carolina and to also to feed the hungry, much of it will also go to providing shelter to displaced people, work that Church World Service has been involved in for decades. Some of the money we raised last year by the Crop Walk has already gone to serve those fleeing war and persecution in middle east. 

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