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Hospitality committee: Ministries


We are passionate about making everyone feel welcomed! We hope newcomers sense God's love as we follow up welcoming words with deliveries of bread. Those who are drawn into learning more are encouraged to join new member classes which combine fellowship and an introduction to church history and theology. The Membership Committee also encourages all church members to realize the joy and newness that God's Spirit seeks to provide through active participation in our shared life in Christ.


Becoming a Member

First of all, know that we are grateful for the presence and spiritual gifts of everyone who worships and serves at or through FPC.  

Anyone who is interested in joining may do so through a simple process:

1. joining our new member/ inquirer classes

2. meeting with the session to briefly discuss your spiritual journey and be received into membership

3. professing or reaffirming your faith with other new members and the congregation in worship.  

4. For those who have not been baptized, baptisms which acknowledge God's call and claim of love upon children young and old in Sunday worship. 

We would love to have you join this important cell in the universal body of Christ Jesus whose Spirit of grace and goodness fills all in all.  

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