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Soup for Salvation: Ministries


If you enjoy cooking, or simply have the desire to help others and want to have a fun evening, join us in the Compassionate Kitchen as we turn excess food from our local grocers into delicious soups for those in need.

This is an interfaith mission to support an important charity organizations: Family Promise, which provides shelter, meals and support services for families in corporation with area churches and synagogues. Our soups will also be distributed at local Soup Kitchens as take away meals for those in need. 

This is a great opportunity to share your cooking talents for a good cause. But cooking experience is not required – only a desire to help family and children in need.

For more information email Joe Turso by clicking on the 'Get in Touch' button! 

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We are excited to announce the Soups for Salvation cooking evenings are back to provide delicious soups to those in our community with food insecurities.  This year We are proposing that we meet on the third Monday of each month. This coincides with a food delivery the church receives from the NJ Community Foodbank to support our Food Pantry. Part of the delivery includes fresh produce which we can use for our soups.  We also deliver soups to elderly and homesick people in the SPF community.

During the pandemic, a small group of us were very active in making soups from our homes which we distributed on a weekly basis. We distributed over 2,400 meals. We are thankful for those who helped as the need was especially great and the food lines were long. 


We essentially meet in the evening from 7 to 9:30 pm and try to make 3 different soups that equal about 150 meals. We provide ingredients and recipes but there is also a lot of creativity involved as well - which is the fun part. Starting on September 17, 2022, we will be meeting on the third Monday of each month from 7 to 9:30 pm at the Fanwood Presbyterian Church Kitchen.

If you are interested in attending please let Joe Turso ( know.


If you enjoy cooking or simply have a desire to help others, please join us for a fun evening.

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